Distinguished Professor of INS &

Dean, College of Life Sciences

Institute of Neuroscience

College of Life Sciences

Brain Research Center

Contact information

E-mail : cclien@ym.edu.tw or cclien@nycu.edu.tw

Office phone : +886-2-2826-7325

Lab phone : +886-2-2826-7000 ext. 66090

Fax: +886-2-2821-5307

Mailing address:

Institute of Neuroscience                

School of Life Sciences                                

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University                            

No.155, Sec. 2, Linong St., Beitou Dist., Taipei city 112,


Office: Library, Information and Research Building Room 749

Education & Training

1. Dean of School of Life Sciences, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (Since 2020/11/2)

2. Distinguished Professor at NYCU, Institute of Neuroscience, Taiwan (2017/8/1~2023/7/31)

3. Director of the Institute of Neuroscience, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (2017/1/11~2021/8/31)

4. Visiting Professor at Charite - Medical University of Berlin, Germany (2015~2019)

5. Professor at NYMU, Institute of Neuroscience, Taiwan (Since 2015/8/1)

6. Associate Professor at NYMU, Institute of Neuroscience, Taiwan (2011/2/1~2015/7/31)

7. Assistant Professor at NYMU, Institute of Neuroscience, Taiwan (2006/7/4~2011/1/31)

8. Postdoc. at University of California Berkeley, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, USA (2004/1/26~2006/7/31)

9. Postdoc. at Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg, Germany (2003/4/1~2004/2/28)

10. PhD from Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg, Germany (1998~2003)

11. Resident at Department of Neurology, National Taiwan University Hospital (1997/7/1~1998/6/30)

12. Medical doctor (MD) from China Medical University, Taiwan (1990~1997)


Dr. Lien is currently the Dean of the College of Life Sciences at NYCU. He received his MD from China Medical University in 1997 and earned his PhD in 2003 (under Peter Jonas) with the grade “summa cum laude” at University of Freiburg, Germany. Then following a short postdoc period at UC Berkeley, Lab of Mu-Ming Poo, he became a faculty member of the Institute of Neuroscience at the National Yang-Ming University (NYMU) in 2006. He became Professor in 2015 and served  as Director of Institute of Neuroscience from 2017-2021. His laboratory (http://lien.lab.nycu.edu.tw/lienlabwebsite/) studies brain circuits and behavior in health and disease. Dr. Lien’s outstanding scientific achievement has been well recognized in the scientific societies nationwide. In addition to holding the highest faculty position, he was elected as Distinguished Professor and has been named as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow. He has also received a couple of awards or honors including the MOST Outstanding Research Award (2016), which is the most prestigious MOST research prize, the TienTe Lee Young Scientist Research Award (2016), the NHRI Award (2015) for Integrated Research Grants in Health and Medical Sciences, and the NYMU Academic Excellence Awards (2011-2019). His outstanding research is similarly recognized by the international community. He was awarded the DAAD scholarship (1998-2004), the Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship (2016-2018) and NeuroCure Fellowship (2015-2016, Berlin, Germany). He also serves in many review editorial boards of journals including Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, Scientific Reports and is an external reviewer for French National Research Agency (ANR), Danish Research in relation to NIH Brain Initiative, National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) and European Research Council (ERC).


(連正章 神研所教授兼生科院院長 博士 醫學士)

For more information, please see

1. Honors with Qualifications for Permanent Assessment

    Exemption for Teachers (2020/02) [PDF]

2. NYMU Academic Excellence Award (2017-2019; 2015-

    2016; 2013-2014; 2011-2012)

3. Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

    Outstanding Research Award (2016) [PDF]

4. German Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced

    Researchers (2016/04/01)

5. "Newly Approved Integrated Research Grants in Health

    and Medical Sciences" for 3 times (2016/05/25)

6. Young Scientist Award - TienTe Lee Biomedical

    Foundation (2015/12/21)

7. NeuroCure Fellow of Charité – Universitätsmedizin

    Berlin  (2015/10/01)

8. DAAD Scholarship for the research visit at the Institute

    for Physiology and Pathophysiology, Ruprecht-Karls-

    Universität Heidelberg, Germany (2012)

9. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

    scholarship for PhD study (1998-2003)

10. Outstanding Educator Award from School of Medicine,
    NYMU & NYCU. (2022/05, 2021/05, 2020/07
, 2018/04,
    2017/10,2016/05, 2015/05, 2013/05, 2012/05, 2010/11,
    2010/03, 2008/10)